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This song was featured on Metal Hammer’s GREEK MASTERS OF PUPPETS: 30th Year Anniversary Tribute Album”.

George, our drummer from Revolted Masses, played the drums while members from Chronosphere, Rotting Christ and Exarsis also participated.

This one was brought to me for mixing/mastering with a REALLY strict deadline. I believe I recorded the drums AND mixed the whole thing in just a couple of days. 100% natural drums (no triggers) and ampsims were used, mainly because of time limitations.

Recorded and mixed in January 2016.


This is a special one for me, as Revolted Masses is the band I have been playing with for the last 7-8 years.

We had the great honor to have Fotis Benardo come to the studio and help us with the drums tuning and sound. He was also kind enough to lend us his snare (this particular snare was used in Septic Flesh – Titan album I believe).

So, real drums with an almost completely replaced kick and 80% natural snare, which is the first time ever I do something like this for Revolted Masses. Overheads were placed REALLY close to the cymbals and spot mics for the hi hat and ride cymbals were also used.

Bass was never reamped, as I was happy with just the DI signal, duplicated and heavily saturated.

My trusty Hagstrom (emg-loaded) was used for the guitar sounds, reamped through an ENGL Fireball and a Peavey 6505+.

Most of the vocals parts are literally one-take, as George is a great screamer and one of the best I have recorded so far.

We also had the the pleasure to have several guests to come and play for the album, from flamenco guitar to female vocals, as well as the guest vocals of Fotis Benardo for the song “Murder Ex Machina”

This mix has many similarities with the full length version. Lots of stuff happening mix-wise, for example there is a distorted snare whose volume in the mix is constantly automated, and parallel compression in almost every aspect of the mix. I decided to stay away from limiting and clipping, to give a natural feel to the (already compressed) mix.

Really proud for the ending result, and a grear experience.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered during Summer 2015.

It’s been a while since I last updated this blog! So what do we have? A drum playthrough of Revolted Masses, for a song from our “Us Or Them” debut album, called “Avdei Far’Oh”. Drums were recorded at SoundWay studios.

I miced the Mapex kit the “traditional” way and let George do the rest, as he really knows how to hit hard (no homo).

Overheads are stereo pair, and I also used a room mic that was really useful during the mixing process when slammed with compression. Mixing-wise, I gave myself less than an hour to mix the whole thing, just to give the natural and unpolished result a drum-playthrough should have.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered during Autumn 2014.

So, this is a really special upload for me, as i am the guitarist of Revolted Masses for the past 5 years or so. We decided to produce our debut album all by ourselves, so i had LOTS of work to do.
We recorded real drums and took our time to make it sound as good as possible. This is one of the album’s track, with Tania from Universe217 on guest vocals. Recorded, mixed and mastered during 2013.

This is a very special song, from the “Days of Steel” compilation, dedicated to the greek workers who were on strike for almost a year. The fun part was that we worked as a team, together with members of Common I, Revolted Masses, Roadkill and Magic de Spell who also participate in this song. I also play the rhythm/lead guitars and the bass guitar. There is a free download link in the description. Recorded, mixed and mastered during October 2012.