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Here is the first song that I produced and mixed for Panos Smyrnaios, since he participated in the “Rising Star” TV show and got nationwide recognition.

The initial idea was just an acoustic guitar and vocals. We set up the guide track with Panos and begun building the main structure of the song. Intro is a typical “spotlight to the singer” approach, while the full production kicks in at the first chorus, with drums and electric guitars (played by me). I suggested some production ideas, for example backing vocals in the chorus and an acoustic outro, which really made a difference to the track.

Acoustic guitars were played by Panos, who (as always) did a great job with groove and dynamics. Bass duties were handled by John Grigoriou, a musician that has participated in countless recordings and who gave an interesting twist to the song.

I also had the pleasure to work with an exceptional clarinet player, Mr Petros Halkias. Petros is a well known traditional player here in Greece an the grandson of Petroloukas Halkias who, more or less, established the sound of the clarinet here in Greece, as we know it today. He came over to my studio and did a great job.

Recording wise, both acoustic guitar and clarinet were recorded with an ORTF mic placement and a condenser mic, a combination I frequently use lately. I used my AKG for the vocals and decided to keep just the DI of the bass blended with a mild overdrive for the chorus. I mixed the whole thing until I was 100% happy with the way it was sounding. Had a tough time removing the harshness of some elements (including the vocals) without making it sound dull, so countless instances of multiband compression came to the rescue.

Last but not least, I sent the mix to George Archontakis, the bass player for Magic De Spell and a famous sound engineer, to master it. (George is also the guy who called me to play and reamp for the one and only Vasilis Papakonstantinou.) He once again nailed it, adding extra depth and extra glue to the track, through various outboard and in-the-box tools.

Produced and mixed: early 2018


The fifth and final song off Panos’ debut demo CD. The lyrics are based on a true personal story, which is always an interesting thing. Really fun procedure with lots of one-takes (typical thing when recording with Panos). I also play the acoustic and electric guitar solos. The electric one is somewhat Van Halen-inspired, with a bold delay.
Produced mixed and mastered during October 2013.

Another song of my friend Panos, which will also be included in his first demo. Panos played literally all the instruments himself except from the bass guitar. Most of the performances are one-take, as we tried to achieve a more natural result. It’s the first time i recorded a really interesting instrument, called bendir. I decided to blend it with the belek for an interesting percussive background.
Produced mixed and mastered during March 2013.

Just finished mixing this track for Panos, and it was a really great experience. Panos composed the song, but decided to release it under the name “Moiragetes”, the name of his band. I believe this is one of my best mixes so far, as i managed to separate each element, and give each instrument its own space in the mix. Most of the performances were literally “one take”. I also played some guitar parts (lead guitar and main rhythm tracks) as well as bass guitar. I programmed the drums and added the synth/cello parts. Had a really great time producing this song! Produced mixed and mastered during October 2012.