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So, here we are once again working with New World Disorder, a metalcore band from Greece, this time for their upcoming EP called “Prometheus”. I have a strong relationship with this band and we have developed a personal workflow over the years.
This time though, everything was far more challenging, as I was given strict sonic references that I had to follow, without sacrificing the personal character of the band.
Used ENGL amps for the guitar tone and tried several things to enhance the mix, eg a layer of distorted snare sample to complement the original one, intense automation etc.
I also composed an orchestral part for the outro of the EP that the guys liked a lot. Overheads were recorded live on my studio. We also tracked choir and gang vocal parts.
The artwork was designed by Giannis “Remedy Art” Nakos.

Overall, an experience that taught me a lot.

Produced, Mixed and Mastered during the spring of 2014.


New single for New World Disorder, which will also be included in their upcoming EP. Decided to take a more simple approach and let the song speak for itself! Drums were recorded live by Destiny Studios, they did a wonderful job (wish i had drums recorded like this more often!). Really happy with the result! Recorded, mixed and mastered during May 2013.