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First time working with Lavalanche, prog/post rock band from Athens. 9-Track full length album called Poverty Of The Stimulus.
The guys had already mixed their record elsewhere, but were not fully satisfied with the result, so they contacted me for a remix.
All instruments were already recorded, including real drums. What made the whole mixing process challenging was the fact that most effects (EQ, distortion, even delay effects in some cases!) were already printed on the tracks, so a lot of work had to be done to alter the character of each instrument and deliver a solid mix.
I was given full artistic freedom, which is always a great thing. For the chorus of the song “Mutation” I asked the guys of my band (Revolted Masses) to sing the words several times, so that I could create a choir with a “stadium-rock” feeling.
Decided to go for an LCR approach on guitars and minimum sample replacement on drums. What is also interesting about this session is that almost every track has either delay or reverb on it: there is even a track with reverb throws on the kick!
Last but not least, another example of an artist who chooses a dynamic approach on mastering over a squashed “commercial” one.

Mixed and Mastered during winter 2014.