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Brand new song for my friend and artist “Hipis Hop”. This time we decided to take our time and split the recordings into two seperate sessions. Once again, the production was pretty much ready, so I premixed the whole thing to make it sound right, recorded the vocals and then mixed and mastered the result.

Mixing-wise, saturation is all over the place, without it being really evident. Simple mixing approach, just eq and compression for most of the tracks. Recorded, mixed and mastered during February 2015.


Second time working with my friend and rap artist “Hipis Hop”, this time for a more satire-style song.
The main production was already prepared, so I added some extra sparkle to it, recorded the vocals and mixed it on the spot. The whole procedure lasted for about 3 hours and most of the vocal parts were literally recorded as one-take.

Really enjoyed myself doing this song. Recorded, mixed and mastered during May 2014.