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Here is something I have completely forgotten to write about….I mean HOW could I forget, with nearly 500000 YouTube views so far! Aetherian are back, and this time I helped them with guitar and bass recordings for the song “The Rain”.

Working with these guys is always a pleasure. Recording-wise, there is nothing unusual here, an EMG loaded-guitar straight into a RedEye DI Unit and into a PRE73 mic pre. Oh, and some great riffs!

Some cool people have also teamed up for the final result, like Fotis Benardo (drum recordings) and Jim Evgenidis (music video). The band will put out a new album with LifeForce records in 2017.

Recorded during January 2016.


Third time working with Aetherian, melodic death metal band from Greece. This time we worked on their 5-track EP “Tales Of Our Times”. The recording procedure was really smooth and pleasant. The guys have really improved since the last time and we had the chance to work on more demanding stuff without a single problem.
A 30-days break occurred between recording and mixing process, due to my heavy pre-booked schedule with other bands. This gave me the opportunity to reapproach the music afterwards with fresh ears.
Guitars were reamped through a boosted Peavey 6505+, turned really loud to get some speaker movement/action going on. First time using this amp and really blew my mind with just a SM75 on the right spot!
The first mix that was sent to the band differs greatly compared to the final version. Aetherian had several suggestions, which I gladly followed. This fact resulted in a more guitar-based sound which really suits this kind of music.
Mastering-wise, I decided to go for a full-commercial volume, while preserving as much of the original dynamics as possible. After all, it’s death metal, right?

Recorded, mixed and mastered during Winter 2014-15.

Second time working with Aetherian, melodic death metal from Greece. “Scar of Despair” is going to be included in their upcoming EP, and it is also released as a single.

Production-wise, I decided to go for a heavy but not over-produced result. All vocals are double tracked, however no heavy editing was involved, as Panos (from Mist of Nihil) really knows how to deliver steady, straight-to-the-grid vocal takes. First time working with ENGL amps for rhythm guitars, and I am really pleased with the result.

What I have noticed lately is that the more I progress as an engineer, the less effects I tend to use on my mixes. This track is an excellent example, only EQ and compression was used on most of the tracks, along with some minor delay/reverb effects to add to the general vibe of the song.

Recorded, mixed and mastered during March 2014.

First time working with melodeath band Aetherian, and Angelos who also happens to be a friend of mine. I spent a great amount of time listening to bands of the genre before proceeding to the mix, just to get an idea and a direction for this song, Decided to go for a bold mix, but with a natural feel in every instrument. It’s worth mentioning these guys are one of the few bands so far that have chosen a softer master (which retains part of the dynamics of the original mix), over a brickwall/commercial volume master. Produced, mixed and mastered during November 2013.