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First time working with Lavalanche, prog/post rock band from Athens. 9-Track full length album called Poverty Of The Stimulus.
The guys had already mixed their record elsewhere, but were not fully satisfied with the result, so they contacted me for a remix.
All instruments were already recorded, including real drums. What made the whole mixing process challenging was the fact that most effects (EQ, distortion, even delay effects in some cases!) were already printed on the tracks, so a lot of work had to be done to alter the character of each instrument and deliver a solid mix.
I was given full artistic freedom, which is always a great thing. For the chorus of the song “Mutation” I asked the guys of my band (Revolted Masses) to sing the words several times, so that I could create a choir with a “stadium-rock” feeling.
Decided to go for an LCR approach on guitars and minimum sample replacement on drums. What is also interesting about this session is that almost every track has either delay or reverb on it: there is even a track with reverb throws on the kick!
Last but not least, another example of an artist who chooses a dynamic approach on mastering over a squashed “commercial” one.

Mixed and Mastered during winter 2014.


So, here we are once again working with New World Disorder, a metalcore band from Greece, this time for their upcoming EP called “Prometheus”. I have a strong relationship with this band and we have developed a personal workflow over the years.
This time though, everything was far more challenging, as I was given strict sonic references that I had to follow, without sacrificing the personal character of the band.
Used ENGL amps for the guitar tone and tried several things to enhance the mix, eg a layer of distorted snare sample to complement the original one, intense automation etc.
I also composed an orchestral part for the outro of the EP that the guys liked a lot. Overheads were recorded live on my studio. We also tracked choir and gang vocal parts.
The artwork was designed by Giannis “Remedy Art” Nakos.

Overall, an experience that taught me a lot.

Produced, Mixed and Mastered during the spring of 2014.

Second time working with my friend and rap artist “Hipis Hop”, this time for a more satire-style song.
The main production was already prepared, so I added some extra sparkle to it, recorded the vocals and mixed it on the spot. The whole procedure lasted for about 3 hours and most of the vocal parts were literally recorded as one-take.

Really enjoyed myself doing this song. Recorded, mixed and mastered during May 2014.

Second time working with Aetherian, melodic death metal from Greece. “Scar of Despair” is going to be included in their upcoming EP, and it is also released as a single.

Production-wise, I decided to go for a heavy but not over-produced result. All vocals are double tracked, however no heavy editing was involved, as Panos (from Mist of Nihil) really knows how to deliver steady, straight-to-the-grid vocal takes. First time working with ENGL amps for rhythm guitars, and I am really pleased with the result.

What I have noticed lately is that the more I progress as an engineer, the less effects I tend to use on my mixes. This track is an excellent example, only EQ and compression was used on most of the tracks, along with some minor delay/reverb effects to add to the general vibe of the song.

Recorded, mixed and mastered during March 2014.

Since many recording projects are currently on the way, I decided to update the blog with some session/guest appearances.

Over the last months, I recorded electric and acoustic guitars for the upcoming album of the greek rock band Magic De Spell. Great experience and learnt a lot both as a guitar player and engineer. Always a great thing to be in the studio with polite and professional people. I also helped shaping the guitar sound, by trying different setups and amp/guitar combinations.

Guitar-wise this session is far from the typical rock ‘n roll approach. Had to really focus on the vibe and feel of the guitar sound to make it work with the rest of the instruments, which can sometimes be harder that just playing precisely/fast.

This is a promo video where I also make a brief appearance. Full-length will probably be released over the coming months.

Recorded during winter 2014.

It’s been a while since I last produced this greek folk band. This time we spent a lot of time producing the song and recording several instruments to enrich the final result. Bendir, belek, clarinet, acoustic/bass guitars, drums. I played the bass guitar on this one. Valantis Mpekos, one of the best clarinet players in Greece, participated on this recording too!
Decided to go for a more live feeling and not overmix, so no Quantization/heavy editing was involved, I also created the music video, a really challenging thing to do, as I had no previous experience with a proper music video, only simple/lyric video stuff.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered during January 2014.

First time working with the upcoming metalcore band “Glance of Medusa”. The whole metalcore scene in Greece is getting bigger and bigger. Had the band Motionless In White as an inspiration while mixing this one, while making sure to maintain a sonic character for the band. Decided to go for a typical “big and balsy” mix, especially during the beatdowns, with intense automation. Really cool guys and easy to work with, Produced, mixed and mastered during January 2014.