Head On – “Head On EP” (Production, Mixing, Mastering) *Alternative Rock

Posted: 16/03/2015 in Audio Production
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First time working with Head On for their self-titled EP. The guys initially sent me live versions of the tracks, so we did everything from scratch including pre-production and arranging.

I also made sure to watch the band performing live before we hit the studio so I could have a clear picture of their style.

Drums are 100% natural and were recorded with the room acoustics in mind. I based the overall sound on the room mics, a heavily compressed stereo pair of condenser mics. Absolutely no sample replacement as well.  As for the guitars, effects are a basic element of Head On’s music so I decided to record everything real-time with most of the reverb and delay fx printed on the sound . A nice Blackstar head was used for the recordings miced with a single 57. Vocals are slapped with saturation and heavy filtering and both tracks are literally one take.

What I also noticed is that the music itself pushed me towards a more spontaneous mix with a garage vibe to it, so lots of delay throws and a bassier overall approach. Mastering-wise, I decided to take it easy and not brickwall the tracks completely. 2 more tracks from previous recordings were added, which I gladly mastered to suit the rest of the EP, volume and EQ-wise.

Recorded, mixed and mastered during Winter 2015.


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