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First time working with Head On for their self-titled EP. The guys initially sent me live versions of the tracks, so we did everything from scratch including pre-production and arranging.

I also made sure to watch the band performing live before we hit the studio so I could have a clear picture of their style.

Drums are 100% natural and were recorded with the room acoustics in mind. I based the overall sound on the room mics, a heavily compressed stereo pair of condenser mics. Absolutely no sample replacement as well.  As for the guitars, effects are a basic element of Head On’s music so I decided to record everything real-time with most of the reverb and delay fx printed on the sound . A nice Blackstar head was used for the recordings miced with a single 57. Vocals are slapped with saturation and heavy filtering and both tracks are literally one take.

What I also noticed is that the music itself pushed me towards a more spontaneous mix with a garage vibe to it, so lots of delay throws and a bassier overall approach. Mastering-wise, I decided to take it easy and not brickwall the tracks completely. 2 more tracks from previous recordings were added, which I gladly mastered to suit the rest of the EP, volume and EQ-wise.

Recorded, mixed and mastered during Winter 2015.


Brand new song for my friend and artist “Hipis Hop”. This time we decided to take our time and split the recordings into two seperate sessions. Once again, the production was pretty much ready, so I premixed the whole thing to make it sound right, recorded the vocals and then mixed and mastered the result.

Mixing-wise, saturation is all over the place, without it being really evident. Simple mixing approach, just eq and compression for most of the tracks. Recorded, mixed and mastered during February 2015.