Impenetrable Darkness – “Dark Harmonies And Structures Of Liturgy” Drum Playthrough (Production, Mixing, Mastering) *Black Metal (for SoundWay Studios)

Posted: 02/02/2015 in Audio Production
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First time working with Impenetrable Darkness, a black metal band from Athens, for their drum playthrough of “Dark Harmonies And Structures Of Liturgy”. This is one of the first projects to come out from SoundWay Studios (I have been working with the guys at SoundWay for the past year or so)

The drummer playing on this one is one of the tightest drummers I have ever tracked and the whole performance is literally one take with NO editing at all! (yes, that’s right, one continuous take of blastbeats and double bass drumming without any mistake). I managed to record the drumset really well, based mainly on the spot mics. Mixing-wise, I mixed the drums to sound as close as possible to the original song, as that was what the guys wanted. If I had the freedom, I would certainly choose a slightly different approach in order to compliment the drum playing even more, but there’s no problem as long as everyone is happy with the ending result, myself included. What is really nice though, is the lack of any replacement: everything is 100% natural. Mastering is literally brick-walled in order to reach commercial volume.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered during December 2014.


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