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First time working with Biotoxic Warfare, a thrash metal band from Crete, for their debut full-length album “Lobotomized”. The guys have produced everything by themselves, asking me to edit, reamp, mix and master their songs. Biotoxic Warfare play a really powerful mix of old-school thrash, by the likes of Kreator and Suicidal Angels. I have to admit that while mixing the songs, I was feeling a strong urge to mosh, and that’s exactly what I tried to pass to the listener! First mix done on my new computer, and never had to freeze anything (50+ tracks, more than 100 vst effects running), so really happy with this! Used several amps on this one, while avoiding to over-edit the songs in order to give them a live feeling. Mastering-wise, I decided to brickwall the mix, in order to reach commercial volume (loudness wars, what can you say?) Reamped, Mixed and Mastered during October 2014.