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Another video of a live performance with the greek band Magic De Spell, this time at Syntagma Square. The whole gig was in the memory of Pavlos Fyssas, an artist who was murdered by the greek neo-nazi party called “golden dawn” back in 2013. Once again, various other artists also played that day and several hundred people attended the event.

Shot on 19 September 2014.


First time working with Forsaken Memoriam, a stoner/prog rock band from Crete for their 8-Track full length album called (you guessed it!) Forsaken Memoriam.

Upon listening to the unmixed tracks for the first time I know there was something unique with this band, so I decided to try many things for the first time to enhance the vibe of the songs. I also decided to avoid the typical “stoner” Kyuss-like production and head for a modern rock’n roll direction.

Guitar tone is a blend of various amps and mics, different for each side. Bass guitar was reamped through an actual bass amp, something I rarely do these days but it really works with this type of music. Some other crazy things as well, like reamping the vocals and snare tracks through a distortion pedal and blending to taste, or using actual guitar delay pedals for some vocal parts! I had total artistic freedom so I was able to try many things that also made it to the record.

Working with these guys was also really fun, and the whole procedure was really smooth.

Reamped, Mixed and Mastered during August 2014.