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Second time working with Aetherian, melodic death metal from Greece. “Scar of Despair” is going to be included in their upcoming EP, and it is also released as a single.

Production-wise, I decided to go for a heavy but not over-produced result. All vocals are double tracked, however no heavy editing was involved, as Panos (from Mist of Nihil) really knows how to deliver steady, straight-to-the-grid vocal takes. First time working with ENGL amps for rhythm guitars, and I am really pleased with the result.

What I have noticed lately is that the more I progress as an engineer, the less effects I tend to use on my mixes. This track is an excellent example, only EQ and compression was used on most of the tracks, along with some minor delay/reverb effects to add to the general vibe of the song.

Recorded, mixed and mastered during March 2014.


Since many recording projects are currently on the way, I decided to update the blog with some session/guest appearances.

Over the last months, I recorded electric and acoustic guitars for the upcoming album of the greek rock band Magic De Spell. Great experience and learnt a lot both as a guitar player and engineer. Always a great thing to be in the studio with polite and professional people. I also helped shaping the guitar sound, by trying different setups and amp/guitar combinations.

Guitar-wise this session is far from the typical rock ‘n roll approach. Had to really focus on the vibe and feel of the guitar sound to make it work with the rest of the instruments, which can sometimes be harder that just playing precisely/fast.

This is a promo video where I also make a brief appearance. Full-length will probably be released over the coming months.

Recorded during winter 2014.