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It’s been a while since I last produced this greek folk band. This time we spent a lot of time producing the song and recording several instruments to enrich the final result. Bendir, belek, clarinet, acoustic/bass guitars, drums. I played the bass guitar on this one. Valantis Mpekos, one of the best clarinet players in Greece, participated on this recording too!
Decided to go for a more live feeling and not overmix, so no Quantization/heavy editing was involved, I also created the music video, a really challenging thing to do, as I had no previous experience with a proper music video, only simple/lyric video stuff.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered during January 2014.


First time working with the upcoming metalcore band “Glance of Medusa”. The whole metalcore scene in Greece is getting bigger and bigger. Had the band Motionless In White as an inspiration while mixing this one, while making sure to maintain a sonic character for the band. Decided to go for a typical “big and balsy” mix, especially during the beatdowns, with intense automation. Really cool guys and easy to work with, Produced, mixed and mastered during January 2014.

First time working with db-project, an one-man electro project created by a member of the greek band MagicDeSpell, and a personal friend of mine. Really excited mixing this one, as this was a completely new area for me. Electronic music can be really tricky but really inspiring too. I also played the electric guitar parts on this one, Listened to several bands of the genre before mixing this one, really happy with the result. Mixed and Mastered during the summer of 2013.

Second time working with Skandal and George, this time from a production/mixing point-of-view. The guys recorded this song in the UK, and sent me the files to mix and master. I was given almost 100% artistic freedom, so I decided to give a “Red Fang” twist to the mix, while retaining the band’s unique character. Reamped through a Jet City and a Bugera 333xl, using a single sm57 through a Golden Age Pre73 mic pre. I wanted to keep it as simple as possible, so minor editing and sample replacement is involved,. Groovy and catchy stoner music, really enjoyed mixing this one! Reamped, mixed and mastered during December 2013.

First time working with melodeath band Aetherian, and Angelos who also happens to be a friend of mine. I spent a great amount of time listening to bands of the genre before proceeding to the mix, just to get an idea and a direction for this song, Decided to go for a bold mix, but with a natural feel in every instrument. It’s worth mentioning these guys are one of the few bands so far that have chosen a softer master (which retains part of the dynamics of the original mix), over a brickwall/commercial volume master. Produced, mixed and mastered during November 2013.

Second time working with Postraumatic, to produce Stelios vocals, for their debut full-length release, called “The Script”. The band has changed line-up several times since I first met them. Decided to drive the PRE73 preamp guite heavily, which gave a cool saturation and an old-school vibe to the recording. Tried a few different things to make the final result more interesting as well (different mics and different settings to suit every different mood). Really cool experience. Produced during September 2013.

First time working with Panos and his promising band Mist Of Nihil. The guys wanted to record vocals for 2 songs off their upcoming EP. The procedure was really smooth, since Panos is an excellent vocalist that really knows how to handle his voice. We double tracked everything, and I edited all the vocal takes strictly to the grid. Produced during Dec/January 2014.